Outplacement Service Firms: Should You Use Them?

October 21st, 2011

No one can accurately predict the future of the economy. Economic recovery for many organizations is here, but for others, it may still be a long way off. Your company should be ready, regardless of your current financial status, and an outplacement service can help.

Don’t let financial difficulty take your company by surprise. Layoffs are becoming a painful necessity for many firms that would rather do almost anything to hold onto valued employees. But when budgets can’t be extended, grants expire, or departments restructure, you may need to let go of staff members, and it’s in your best interests to do so in a mutually beneficial way.

Outplacement service firms are designed to ease the transition for laid-off employees. For a specified period of time, these services typically provide a place where employees can gain computer access, get help drafting resumes and cover letters, and find access to career counseling, job postings and job training programs. Outplacement services are paid for by the company, and they’re designed to ease the feelings of abandonment, resentment and anxiety that employees often feel after being laid off. They can also help some employees find new positions within the same company. Sometimes a skill set isn’t a match for one department, but a high quality outplacement service can navigate an employee shift into another role with the same firm.

You’ll also want to be ready in the event of a rebound. If you’re facing layoffs right now for the sake of your own survival, be aware that your hiring process and employee culture are very important aspects of your brand. The way you treat your employees will have a strong impact on your business, whether you realize it now or not. If your brand matters, then it’s in your best interest to make a good impression on employees, including those who work for you, those who might work for you in the future, and those who offered you their skills, dedication and loyalty before you had to let them go. An outplacement service is an inexpensive investment in good will. It’s also a simple way to gain respect by showing respect. For the sake of your reputation, your relationships, and your current and future bottom line, investigate outplacement services and make a difficult transition easier for your former employees.